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Posting Images

PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:30 pm
by SeaQuenchal
This is for new members that aren't yet familiar with posting images in a phpBB forums.

There are a few ways you can put images into your post on these forums, but two of the most popular and effective ways are:

1. Uploading an image directly to your post
For this method, look directly under the text area of your post and notice the "Upload attachment" tab just right of "Options." Click it and now next to "Filename:" you click browse and select the file from your computer and select "Add the file." This gives you the option to put your uploaded file into the text of your post by selecting the area of your post you wish it to appear and then selecting "Place inline." Now you'll see the name of your file in between brackets that say attachment, and you know you've done it right. Check by selecting "Preview" to make sure your post looks like you've intended it and there ya go! Make sure the file size is under 1000 pixels or it won't show up on the forums.

2. Embed an image from an image hosting website
For this method you will upload your image at an image hosting website such as imgur, tinypic, imageshack, photobucket etc... and use the "[img] code for forums" option. Now simply copy and paste this code into the text area to embed the image to your post.