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Postby Shifter » Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:11 pm

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Subject title: Serana from Skyrim - Portrait study thing

Alright! I've been messing around with her face for faaaar too long.. [ Maybe two weeks for a bit almost everyday o.o ] and I can't continue anything without a critique or any kind of feedback from side

Things I don't like or did notice that something is wrong [ But don't know how to fix it ]

Her mouth shape is awkward and generally not really positioned well. The lower part of the cheeks is also a bit messed up there.
Her nose and transition to the mouth is also a bit misplaced
Dunno if eyebrows are good, left one looks a bit too much "inside"
I don't know hot paint hair.
Values are generally not good because most of the image is covered with mid and dark tones. No any or just few highly light tones
Skin tones are strange. Due to all sort of experiments with eyes.. the skin color around it and on the nose is a bit different than the one on the cheeks :D
If you find some strange green color on the edge of the face, just disregard it.. failed experiment XD
Light source, kinda not defined hahah

Now, please proceed and give me some critics

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Postby plutte » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:47 am

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You seem to be mostly interested in being critiqued on her face (that's an odd sentence).

If you look at the face it does seem to be faceing one way(based on her eyes) and her nose and mouth another. Her nose seems to be in almost full profile. The mouth I'd say is also facing more in that direction. It's to small/short on the right side (her left). The corner of the mouth should be closer to the middle of the eye. Also look up a reference of a mouth to see how it is lit right underneath the bottom lip. It should be more of a shadow under there.

The hair could use some highlights since she seem very well lit in a very dark surrounding.

One big problem I see with the painting are her breast(s?). They seem to have another perspective than the rest of her.
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Postby Ven » Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:40 am

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So, I figured the easiest way to get my ideas about proportions and whatnot across would just be to do a paintover.

In my opinion, the lack of tonal value was the biggest thing I saw, which primarily comes from using a very similar value range on the skin. Overall for the rest of the piece, the values are pretty good! Even on the chest you do a good job at making the skin look... well, more fleshy; but I think the fact that you've refined the face so much takes away from the values.
From what I could see from google, Serana has a pretty red/burgundy undertone (however that's just google, so forgive me if I'm wrong), so that's what I tried to replicate. I also colour picked some of the pink from the chest.
I really didn't want to touch the eyes, because I think they look really lovely! However, the one nearest to the camera seems a little stretched, which messes with the perspective.
I also slightly turned the nose, enough to reveal the other nostril, so that the perspective of the face lines up a little better.
The mouth I changed quite a bit, as I thought using a darker colour would help to split up the tonal similarities of the face (of course this was just preference, really).
Finally, I added some shine to the hair, albeit roughly. You actually had a pretty nice range of darks underneath, but you just had to compensate with some highlights. Usually the best way to do this is to pick a value from the same group as the rest of the hair, albeit a very light one, and colour lightly with that. Some variation of that will probably end up suitable for whatever character you're working on. But remember, it's important to play around with it if you want to learn how to do it. Trial and error is sometimes your best tool.

Overall I think you're doing a pretty good job so far! your perspective is a little off, but aside from that, you're on the right track. The main thing to remember about painting skin especially is that it's not only one tone. Skin is composed of reds, blues, yellows, purples... so experiment to see what works the best! Even if a colour looks like it might not fit, there's no harm in trying it out anyway. Happy accidents or something.
Also, don't forget to flip your canvas. It can help to identify issues with the perspective (like the nose) that you might have missed otherwise.
And lastly, the colour picker is your friend. If you find your colours are getting away from what you originally intended, picking from another part of the face and adding that value back in can really help out. Don't let your values stray too far to mud.

Let me know if you have any questions and/or comments!


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Postby Shifter » Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:43 am

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plutte xD

Anyways, I kinda only focused on her head at the beginning, thinking that I will go easily over the rest later on. But, in the meantime, the work on the face took far too longer than I expected, so yeah.. basically just look at the face, rest is some kind of a placeholder or however you would call it :D

Yes, I agree with you guys that the nose/mouth compared to the eyes are not in the same perspective. I tried to fix that countless times, but each time I've ended up with something that doesn't have sense to me lol

But here is a question, if I would say that her body is faced almost perpendicular to the point of view [Almost profile] but her head is slightly faced towards us.. what is then on the right spot? The eyes or the nose/mouth? xD

Ven, I've tried to paint skin according to this tutorial - SKIN: a tutorial Part 1. Of course, I messed it up in the meantime with all of my corrections and stuff [Although it wasn't even that good to begin with, it was mostly too bright]

I will try to fix the following stuff, if I came up with anything good I will post it here.. if not, I will just try to pay attention to that in future :D

So.. the fix list!

- Eyes - Nose/Mouth perspective
- Enlarge a bit her left side/cheeks
- Mouth proportion and placement compared to eyes
- Shadows under the mouth
- Highlights on the hair
- Tones of the skin
- Closer eye is a bit stretched
- Yes, lips need to be darker, she currently looks like a hooker on my version lol

Thank you guys for the comments and suggestion!
I hope I will manage to fix these things.. if not, well some other time I will try to do it again :D
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