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Postby Alex86 » Fri Aug 15, 2014 10:39 pm

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Subject title: Alex's Sketchbook.

After yet another boring day at enormously boring work I've decided to try to draw. And this is pretty much results of Monday - Friday

Known issues: it's kinda bad thing overall :) There is no symmetry and nose is... just... horrible.

In here it kiiiiinda looks like she's high on something, but it's not :D
Known issues: I really don't like how her further eye looks here. And part of face sorta... pops out...also I think nose is turned way into wrong side. Should be less and kinda more um... central oriented. I'm bad with terms yet...

Known issues: eyes are not on proper level and alignment, shading on her forward plait is way wrong... not sure why, but don't like mouth too. Something iffy is going on with it!

Known issues: horrible eyes again. They're way too big for such size of the face. And I think I messed up with left side. Her body seems to be wider there then needed.

Known issues: finger nail is inconsistent :) That finger on top-left of the picture doesn't look like proper finger. Maybe shading at the bottom is little bit off.

So what do you guys think? I haven't see much pictures in anime/manga style among first topics here so sorry if this is not like 100% right place for it :D But still. Curious what people think.

It was moved to sketchbook, but originally was for criticizing my beginnings in drawing :) So some posts may sound weird. Also renamed topic to make it look like other sketchbooks' titles.
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Postby » Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:29 am
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i think honestly best thing for you to do is just keep drawing. study basic anatomy and other things (even if just online) and strengthen observation skills.

also, my opinion is to do more sketches/studies, and less '1 drawing a day' finished work. i think will let you learn more in less time.


Postby sgtmikey101 » Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:34 am

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Really good for the first things you've drawn in your life. You are farther ahead than most people at the starter stages, so take advantage of it. To do so go to the site pixellovely and practice gestures. Read books, observe life, get a sketchbook and draw in it everyday, try to understand the world, study anatomy. All those things are just suggestions to consider and i strongly encourage it because the more you do the more you get out of art. I learned the unfortunate hard way, I was always told i was gifted in art and it was like that all the way up to highschool. I didn't think much of it at the time and just drew whenever. I just assumed i was just going to get better with age, but that bit me in the butt. When i got into college I began to see all sorts of people who were better than me (that's something that will happen even if you are amazing and continue to practice). The point is that don 't make the same mistake i did because when i made it to the college level i finally witnessed what true skill was and what it took those people to get to that point. Most of them got to that point because they were drawing nonstop since they were kids.

Saying all that don't force yourself to draw unless your heart is in it. If you have any questions let me know. Draw, draw draw draw draw


Postby Alex86 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:48 am

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I followed advises about drawing drawing and drawing. Although my goal is to master-ish (at least be able to draw something look like it's in that style) manga/anime style. Overall big goal is to get some tiny bitsy manga (just for self publish or some internet place) ^_^ So anyway. Here are my drawings in order of their creation. I'm gonna post couple as photo and as scanned image. Kinda still not sure which one looks better and which one to keep... so anyway, here we go: ... oto%29.png ... ned%29.png ... oto%29.png ... ned%29.png ... oto%29.png ... ned%29.png

And this one was finished 2-3 hours ago ... oto%29.png

There is also this one I want to redraw. In my opinion - head here is very tiny for such body. It kinda breaks proportions a lot. And gonna try evade sitting poses for like "big" drawings. ... Sketch.png

Next week gonna go deeper into human bodies and gestures. Bought this dummy here. Gonna use it too. Is there something I've missed? Maybe mouth should be little bit better. And kinda I don't like how eyes are usually the same. Also my current um... schedule I guess, since there is no second work for now, I try to do at least sketch per evening. Or practice something or at least check out tutorial of some sort.

To be honest loving drawing a lot :D Little bit offtopic - before I was considering artists as like amazingly epic people! You guys can make whatever you're dreaming a reality! Hopefully my hand is getting better and one of those days I'll be able to post that small manga here and overall everywhere :D


Postby SketchStudio » Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:50 am

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I like that you're drawing a lot, that's the most important thing. I also like that you're pushing yourself.
Ok, so I'm just going to tell tell you what I think. Since you like drawing humans and faces, you should maybe look for tutorials on how to do so. Other than that, keep on drawing. :D

(Also, Since you're uploading many pictures in one thread, I think that it would be better under the sketchbook category.)

Also, another tip, don't be afraid to PM strangers and bug them for help. That's what I do XD.


Postby Alex86 » Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:55 am

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So after maybe month or so of drawing (sadly some work issues made me draw less time, but trying to fix it now) I end up with these:

Random anime girl. NOT Yuno :D And no official character (at least not that I know of) ... t%2001.png

Attempt to draw face of a guy ... oto%29.png

Attempt to draw a body and add some coloring, but end up not so um... good. This one in particular is in josey style apparently. If you see Code Geass - similar to that. NSFW, but looks kinda poopy... ... olored.png

Also attempt to draw body. Also NSFW. Also kinda meh, but probably better then previous ... oto%29.png

For some reason people tend to like this one even more then my only kinda famous drawing of Yuno in side view (the angry face) ... ned%29.png

Here I tried to make sexy look in her eyes, but not sure if that or just drank :( ... oto%29.png

This one ... oto%29.png
I redraw into this one ... oto%29.png
But just now realized I haven't uploaded version with shadings...

And now glorious finale couple here ... oto%29.png
And here ... oto%29.png

Drawing is awesome!!! Everyone should do it!!! I'm gonna post topic for drawing buddy and mentor in respective category, but just in case gonna post same thing in this post - if anyone would like to learn anime drawing - we can combine our glorious powers! And if you always dream to teach someone how to draw in anime style - I'm totally your man!!! :D

All critics on current work is welcome! Like a lot!


Postby Ambiguity » Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:30 pm

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I moved this to the sketchbook section because it looks like you're looking for critique and advice on your art in general. You'll probably get a lot more replies here than you would in the critique section(that's more for help on finishing or fixing an almost completed piece).

Anyways, since it looks like you're interested in copying things very exactly, you should learn how to measure and relate proportions and angles. This article and the videos in it should help:

I also recommend going through some basic draftsmanship exercises to kill that wobble in your lines:

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